Window xp installing steps See Installation of Windows XP step by step, get easy support on any topic ."
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Windows Xp Installation Steps/Tutorial


Window Xp medium: You can use both a dvd as well as a pen drive for windows Xp installaion. First you need a bootable cd which you can by from microsoft or somwhere else and can buy Registration keys from microsoft official site.

Prepare the CD from the ISO image

here a CD should be burned from the downloaded ISO image. You will need a iso Burner, a CD burning software and a blank CD-R or CD-RW to prepare the installation disk. click on the link and u can download free burner here. you should choose the a very low burning speed, 4x or 8x, for better results.

Setting up your Computer & BIOS changes ( If required)

Now reboot your computer after popping in the all new Windows xp CD you just created in to the CD Drive. In most cases if you do this you'll automatically boot in to the Windows xp Installation CD. But in some cases if the Boot device order is changed in the BIOS it may boot in to your older OS, instead of our CD. In that case you'll need to change the BIOS settings to gt it done ( More details in other tutorial).

when sytem will start just press Enter when it shows booting from cd .

Click on the link instaaling process and there press play button to see further steps

Installing process