SEBI & Its Functions (Security Exchange Board Of India)
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    SEBI Functions(Security Exchange Board Of India)


    SEBI Stands for Security Exchange Board of India. It was established in 1988 by government of India for purpose of regulating security market in India. in year 1992 after passing SEBI ACT 1992 it got statuary power and in year of 1995 through further amendment in act 1992 SEBI got some more additional statuary power. It has a head quarter in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.



    Functions OF SEBI

    Two main Functions of SEBI are -

    1. Regulatory Function

    2. Devlopment Function


    Regulatory Function:

    (i) Main function of SEBI is to regulate the Stock Market and Self regulatory organizations .

    (ii) Monitoring of fraud activities unfair trading associated with security market.

    (iii) Registering and regulating the functioning of investment schemes like mutaual funds.

    (iv) Registering and regulating stock brokers, sub brokers and registrars .

    (v) To monitor insider trading .


    Development Functions

    (i) Promoting investor education & training .

    (ii) Encouraging fair practices

    (iii) Training of financial intermediaries .

    (iv) Promotion of Self regulatory organization.

    (v) Conduction of research and publishing information to all interested market members.



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