What is Schottky Diode And its working.
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    Schottky Diode


    Introduction :



    schottky diode symbol             



    • The charge storage problem of P-N junction can be minimize or limited in schottky diodes.
    • The potential barrier is set with a contact between a metal & semiconductor.

    • The rectifying action is depends on majority carrier only.

    • As the result there are is o excess minority carrier to recombination hence low level of reverse recovery time.

    • These diodes are used as rectifier at a single frequency exceeding 300 MHz to 20 GHz.






    schottky diode construction


    • A schottky diode is shown in figure.

    • It is a metal semiconductor junction diode without depletion layer.

    • On one side of junction a metal like gold, silicon, platinum is used and other side N type doped semiconductor is used.

    • For protection purpose metal layer is surrounded by gold or silver layer.

    • The metal film forms the positive electrode and semiconductor is the cathode.




    schottky diode

    • Operation is due to the fact that the electrons in different material have different potential energy.

    • N type semiconductors have higher potential energy as compare to electrons of metals.

    • When these two are brought together in contact, there a flow of electron in both direction across the metal-semiconductor interface when contact is first made.

    • A voltage is applied to the schottky diode such that the metal is positive with respect to semiconductor.

    • The voltage will oppose the built in potential and makes it easier to current flow.


    Advantages :

    • Schottky diode turns on and off faster than ordinary P-N junction diode the basic reason behind this is that schottky diodes are based on majority carrier.

    • As there is no minority carrier there is no worry about depletion layer.

    • It has much less voltage overshoot.