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    Mobile Controled Home Appliances Kit


       A Call is  made to kit  for controlling Fan Light or any other appliances.


    Presentation (PPT) : Introduction

    Backbone of This Project:





    About DTMF:

    It First invented in Bell Laboratory. 

    It Refers to dual tone multiple frequency signal.

    In this two frequency work together.

    It can be seen in mobile phone.


    Main Components:

    2 Mobiles

    Power Supply

    Relay Driver

    DTMF Decoder

    Atmega 16

    2 Realy Switch


    Component Specification:

    Battery           6v

    Integrated Circuits:

    Ic 1 -             mt8870
    Ic 2 -             atmega16
    Ic 3 -             L293d
    Ic 4 -             cd7805

    Resistances & Capacitors:

    r1,r2 -              100k resistances

    r3 -                  330k resistances

    r4,r8 -              10k resistances

    c1-                   0.47 micro farad capacitor

    c2,c3,c5,c6 -     22pfarad capacitor

    c4 -                  0.1micro farad capacitor


    xtal1 -              3.57 MHZ crystal

    xtal2 -              12mhz crystal

    s1 -                  push on switch


    Circuit Diagram:


    Home aplliances Circuit

                                                                                 Download circuit diagram


    Block Diagram:


    Block diagram of project


    Budget : it will completed in about 999* INR.


    Time : It will take approximate 12 weeks maximum.