Block Diagram of OP-AMP
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    Block Diagram of OP-AMP


    The OP-Amp is basically a differential amplifier i.e. it will amplify the voltage which is differentially present between its input terminals.

    block diagram of OP-AMP



    Input stage :

    The input stage is a dual-input, balanced output differential amplifier. The two input are inverting and non-inverting input terminals. This stage provides most of the voltage gain of the OP-AMP and decides the input resistance value Ri.

    Intermediate stage :

    This is usually another differential amplifier. It is driven by the output of the input stage. This stage is a dual-input unbalanced output (single ended output) differential amplifier.


    Level shifting stage :

    Due to the direct coupling between the first two stages, the input of level of shifting stage is an amplified signal with some non-zero dc level. Level shifting stage is used to bring this dc level to zero volts with respect to ground.

    Output Stage :

    This stage is normally a complementary output stage. It increases the magnitude of the voltage and raises the current supplying capability of also provides a low output resistance.