FeedBack - Concept & Defination
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    FeedBack - Concept & Defination



    We all need people who will give us feedback. That's how we improve . - Bill Gates, Microsoft.

    Communication is one of the most important part of our life. According to Louis Allen – “Communication is a sum of all the things one person does when he wants to create understanding in the minds of another. It involves a systematic and continuous process of telling, listing and understanding”.


    Common feedback
    But the question is how one can make sure that another one is getting all thing which one is trying to make other understand. At that very time the term feedback comes out with the help of that person A confirms that person B is understanding everything whatever A wants make him understand.

    Whenever receiver answers or responds to the sender through a message or information is called feedback.”

    In other worlds, Feedback is the reaction to the sender’s message and without feedback from receiver, communication process become incomplete. This feedback may be verbal or nonverbal depends upon situation.

    Bartal & Mating said – “Feedback is the receiver’s basic response to the interpreted message.

    According to Boone, Kurtz & Black –  “Feedback consists of messages – verbal & nonverbal that convey a reaction to the communicator’s message.



    When a presentation is demonstrated to the audience, there is a lot of questions may be produced by the audiences and these questions are ultimately nothing but the response or feedback to presenter. The presence of feedback can be shown through below diagram.

    Demonstrating Feedcack

    Therefore, feedback is the return message from the receiver in response to the sender’s message and make two-way communication effective. Without feedback there can be no effective communication and so feedback is mandatory in communication process.

    Feed Back in digital communication can be understand by the below figure but the concept is almost same where sender sends a message and reciever recieves it and send a feedback to sender. Below figure base station sends a signal or message to airplane and inresponse airplane sends a feedback signal. On other hand Base station 2 sends signal to Base station 1 via sattelite and Base Station 1 sends feedback to Base Station 2 that is ultimately the response that signal from Base Station 1.

    Feedback in digital communication


    There are mainly two type of Feedback which are –

    1. Positive Feedback
    2. Negative Feedback




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