Hybrid Topology Features Limitation
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    Hybrid Topology


    Tree Topology


    It is a mixture of two or more type of topology and effectiveness of this topology logy depends upon the other topology which the part of hybrid topology. Example if in an organization one department is using bus topology , another using ring topology and third one using star topology the connecting topology or the combination of all these topology is called Hybrid Topology .




    1. It has all the limitations & advantage of included topologies.
    2. It is a combination of two or more than two topologies.


    Advantage of Bus Topology:

    1. Scalable as size of the network can easily expandable.
    2. Effective
    3. Reliable
    4. Flexible
    5. Gives opportunity to do experimentations.


    Disadvantages or limitations:

    1. Complex in design
    2. Costly
    3. For managing this need knowledge of all the topologies.
    4. Confusing due to different topologies are used
    5. For modification in network need highly paid experts.



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