Tree Topology Features Limitation
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    Tree Topology


    Tree Topology


    It is also known as Hierarchy topology as in this a root node , system or device connected by forming a hierarchy . The top most node is called root and have child nodes and child nodes will have their child nodes and nodes sharing same parents are called siblings . In sort it will have three level of hierarchy nodes connected in network  as shown in figure .




    1. Every system is fully connected .
    2. It Is Robust .


    Advantage of Bus Topology:

    1. Very much Flexible in nature.
    2. It can be easily mainted and managed .
    3. It allows more computers or devices to attached a central hub and let signal to travel more distance in appropriate manner.
    4. Troubleshooting is easy
    5. Supported by many software and hardware companies.


    Disadvantages or limitations:

    1. If central node or parent node will fail communication fail.
    2. Configuration is more difficult then other topologies.
    3. Security and privacy cant be guranted .
    4. Overall length of segment is depend on the type of cabling used .
    5. Heavy cabled .



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