Closed Loop Control System
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    Closed Loop Control System


    Introduced :

    In Closed loop system there is a feedback system that’s why it is also known as Feedback Control system. In closed loop control system the control action is dependent on the desired output.


    In closed loop system the output is compared with the reference input and error signal is produced. The error signal is fed to the controller to reduce the error for obtaining the desired output .
    Example: For regulation of temperature & humidity in a room  for comfortable living. Air conditioners are provided with thermostat. By measuring the actual room temperature & compared it with desired temperature, an error signal is produced, the thermostat turns ON the compressor or Off the compressor.




    • More reliable than open loop systems
    • A number of variables can be handled simultaneously .
    • Optimization is possible.



    • Systems are expensive
    • Maintenance difficult
    • Complicated installation