What is impatt Diode And its working.
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    Open Loop Control System



    Open loop Control system is also known as control system without feedback or non feedback control systems. no feedback is present in these type of control system as name implies so the control action is independent of desire output and the system output is not compared with reference input.

           The component of open loop control system is controller and controlled process. The controller may be amplifier; filter etc depends upon the system. An input is applied to controller and the output of the controller gives to the controlled process & we get the output.


    Open loop Control system



    • Automatic Washing Machine –  In the machine the operating time is set manually. Machine stop working according to the set time weather the  clothes are clean or not because there is no feedback system to justify that with desired output.
    • Automatic control traffic - Automatic control of traffic the lamp of three different  colours (red, yellow and green) are used. The time for each lamp is fixed. The operation of each lamp does not depends upon the traffic load but depends upon a fixed time. That’s why it is open loop system.
    • Field Control d.c. motor

    field control d.d motor

    • Immersion  Rod  -  The rod heats the water but how much heating is required is not sense by the rod because there is no feedback to rod.



    • Open loop control systems are simple
    • Economical
    • Less maintenance and no difficulty
    • Proper calibration


    • Inaccurate
    • Optimization is not possible
    • Not reliable