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Level 1

How to Download Photoshop

How to Install Photoshop

Software Pannels



Level 2

Open Image

Move tool

Crop tool

Clone Tool

Text tool

Horizontal type Mask Tool

Vertical type Mask Tool

Marque Tool

Quick Selection Tool

Magic Wand Tool




Level 3

How to creat psd file


Save in Jpeg

save in Different format


Level 4

How to Remove Back ground

How to Change Background

How to add Text on Image

How To clone a image

How to crop a Image

How to Resize a Image



Creation of a Psd files



1) How to create PSD format files using photoshop?
2) How to create a PSD file?


Photoshop file extension:

Photoshop supports files in the gif, jpeg, psd and png and many more extension. .PSD is the default file format of Adobe Photoshop, which allows images to be saved as fully editable layering. Inorder to edit files easily one has to specify the layer.

Video Guidance: