Star Topology
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    Star Topology


    Bus topology

    Star topology is one of the most popular network topology used now days. In this type of network topology all the computers are connected to a single hub through a cable. All the computers or systems are connected with a central device called HUB thought a wire. Signal or data sanded to hub are then transmitted to all the systems or computers in the network.




    1. Hub act as a repeater which sends data to all computer.
    2. Every node has it dedicated connection to Hub.
    3. It can be used with twisted pair, Optical fiber, coaxial cable.


    Advantage of Bus Topology:

    1. Since each system have a dedicated connection to hub so it is easy to troubleshoot.
    2. Performance is not effected by the number of nodes.
    3. Hub can be upgraded easily.
    4. Setup and modification is easy.
    5. It has minimum line cost .
    6. Only failed node is effected in transmission and rest remains working.



    1. Totally depend upon hub and if hub fails no communictioan take place.
    2. Cost of installation is high .
    3. Performance is based on hub capacity .
    4. Privacy not guarantied .
    5. Security issues .
    6. Expensive to use .



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