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Level 1

How to Download Photoshop

How to Install Photoshop

Software Pannels



Level 2

Open Image

Move tool

Crop tool

Clone Tool

Text tool

Horizontal type Mask Tool

Vertical type Mask Tool

Marque Tool

Quick Selection Tool

Magic Wand Tool




Level 3

How to creat psd file


Save in Jpeg

save in Different format


Level 4

How to Remove Back ground

How to Change Background

How to add Text on Image

How To clone a image

How to crop a Image




    Sharing Internet Connection


    Some times there is a need of sharing a internet connection so that we and our friends could access internet using a single internet connection so in this case by follow these steps you can share your or your friend connection among all.

    Note: if your connection is slow once click on play button and after 10 second click again that to pause it and wait for 5 minutes and then click on play.